Raw Nutritional Coconut Bowl

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A handcrafted coconut bowl made from 100% natural and organic coconut is always a welcome addition to your kitchen.

This organic coconut bowl is one more step towards a waste-free living and a conscious way of helping Vietnamese fairtrade vendors.

By recycling and giving love to coconut shells that have been throw away for being imperfect, we created eco-friendly bowls that you can eat from. 

Each bite and each look gives you some tropical feels. You can use it as a salad bowl, smoothie bowl or even as a simple art item.

Our FDA-approved coconut bowl makes food look a little better, and is perfect for being used a hundred times, and yet still be biodegradable.

Plastics can't be recycled; coconuts can!

Don't be afraid of having coconut bark in your food; each bowl is smoothened inside and out, with organic coconut oil, avoiding any artificial ingredients during the whole revamp from coconut to coconut bowl.

Why choosing to burn our logo on the coconut? We wanted to avoid any form of paint or ink.

As we all know, the more it's RAW, the better.