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Whey Concentrate Protein is the premium standard protein powder made with 100% pure and natural whey concentrate. We employ the latest extraction technology to achieve the highest protein content in our concentrate. If you compare our product with others in the market, you’ll find that our Whey Protein has the lowest amounts of fat, carbs, sugar and lactose.

The protein content per scoop is 23 grams, which is the best in the market. Also, it's much cheaper than Whey Isolate. Being affordable, it’s ideal for workout beginners and common men or women looking to meet their daily protein requirements.

Our Pure Whey Concentrate is a 5-star product in terms of quality and quantity of protein, wide range of flavours and super smooth texture then blends instantly with any drink. The Whey Protein is highly soluble and gets immediately absorbed by the muscles to repair and build tissues after a workout. For the best results, it’s recommended to take with water or milk. Each serving of Whey Protein contains 23g of pure protein, so an average person can easily meet his/her daily needs with just two scoops of it. 

The Whey Protein Concentrate is made with a research-based formula and is tested multiple times to ensure there are no heavy metals. Also, we use stevia and sucralose to naturally sweeten the powder. Unlike other protein supplements in the market, our Ultra-filtered Whey Protein Concentrate is completely safe to use and comes with a 100% quality guarantee. It comprises only the best ingredients and little artificial flavour.

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