HD Muscle Carb-HD 30 serving Strawberry Kiwi

HD Muscle


CARB-HD is a revolutionary carbohydrate formula combining two of what we feel to be the most healthy, low-glycemic and eRective carbohydrate sources on the market today. CARB-HD is designed to shuttle more nutrients into the muscle cells to give you a clean, sustained supply of energy (glycogen) while enhancing muscle fullness and hydration; ultimately leading to better performance and muscle recovery. All of this is achieved without causing a spike in insulin and keeping blood glucose levels stable. We also included Coconut water powder to aid in replenishment of electrolytes and hydration.

CARB-HD is the perfect carbohydrate solution for anyone looking for:

Clean and sustained energy levels Enhanced endurance and recovery Increased muscle fullness and hydration Low osmolality and minimal GI issues


Carb10 – A low-glycemic carbohydrate source, Carb10® provides clean, sustained energy with minimal impact on blood sugar and insulin response. Also, due to Carb10 rapid absorption rate, users should not experience any bloating or discomfort when taking Carb-HD.

Coconut Water Powder Extract – Considered one of nature’s superfoods, coconut water is rich in electrolytes and nutrients that can aid in hydration and recovery.